Alexandre de Paris offers a unique environment of excellence: a world full of experience where everyone finds the magic of creation as well as the demands of specific skills of the great house where it is people who make the difference. Creating the conditions for their success within our ecosystem guarantees that it will last. This is why our ability to attract and develop the best co-workers is a major factor in our human resources policy.

Joining Alexandre de Paris means choosing an exciting and committed environment and adopting the stimulating professional attitude of the Michel Dervyn group. Living with Alexandre de Paris means becoming part of its history which we have inherited and represent so that we may perpetuate the Future of the Tradition.

In this context, four imperative factors form the basic ethic of all Alexandre de Paris teams:


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Become a model

If you would like to be a model for Alexandre de Paris, for photo sessions, catwalks, hair shows or for the Alexandre de Paris Academy, please complete your profile.

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You would like to know if it is a viable proposition to open an Alexandre de Paris Studio franchise salon at a select address in a town centre in France or abroad to have a luxury setting in which to offer high-quality services.

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