• 1970 1st salon opened in Tourcoing.
  • 1974 Title of World Champion, L’Oréal Ambassador Hair Stylist.
  • 1976 1st salon opened with the Michel Dervyn name.
  • 1980 1st salon opened with the Shampoo name.
  • 1985 1st Training Centre opened.
  • 1990 Purchase of Alexandre de Paris.
  • 2000 Michel Dervyn salons opened in Japan.
  • 2005 Michel Dervyn awarded the Entrepreneur Grand Prix.
  • 2006 Special prize awarded by the Enseignes d’or jury.
  • 2007 Franchise silver ribbon awarded by the Medef.
  • 2008 Alexandre de Paris Academy founded.
  • 2011 National order of merit medal.
  • 2012 A 50-year-long career celebrated on the great stage at the Paris Zenith.
  • 2014 Alexandre Paris Studio launched Alexandre de Paris Seoul opened.
  • 2015 International development of Alexandre de Paris.
  • 2018 Ouverture du premier salon Alexandrom

In 1990, Monsieur Alexandre listened to his heart and chose Michel Dervyn to succeed him and keep his heritage alive. Monsieur Alexandre recognised his qualities as a great hairdresser and a bold entrepreneur. He knew his work and brand would be in good hands. If the fame of this legendary salon at 3 Avenue Matignon in the heart of the golden triangle lives on, it is thanks to Michel Dervyn. When, as a young apprentice hairdresser, he dreamt of Alexandre de Paris, he was far from imagining that he would become the owner of such a salon and at the head of this great luxury brand.

“Creativity enables us to produce masterpieces and businesses as well. At the age of 68, the energetic boss of the group is by no means ready to put away his scissors. In addition to all the outlets established in France and abroad, including the Michel Dervyn salons for at the high end and more recently Fifty for low-cost, he is now focusing on his brand Shampoo Expert and the Alexandre de Paris Studio salons to pursue his development. After Alexandre de Paris Studio in Rue Vivienne, he is moving into Place Saint-Sulpice on the Left Bank. It is not hard to understand the elation and passion which drive him.

Today Michel Dervyn, chairman and keeper of the flame for the time-honoured master, has decided to usher Alexandre into the 21st century by enhancing its beauty. Alexandre de Paris radiates over 5 continents in private events of the international great and good, artistic shows and original workshops presented on the greatest world stages. Michel Dervyn admits, “it gives me great pleasure but it’s a huge responsibility to develop the Alexandre de Paris brand, because we will never give ground on quality. It’s our duty to the legacy of Monsieur Alexandre de Paris ».