The culture of the craft

To control hair, it first needs to be loved and understood.

We offer several different levels and types of courses to develop this wonderful career.

Under the guidance of Jean-Luc Minetti, the team of experienced instructors will show you the way to perfection.


Step by Step

The essential hairstyles of Maison Alexandre require an extremely demanding hair preparation process and strong construction basis ! This training session is perfect for all hairdressers who want to learn the basics of luxury hairstyling.

- The foundations, first level -
Open to all without prerequisites

PRICE: 1000.00 € - Net Price
Please note that trainings are invoiced
without VAT for almost of all the countries.
Please contact us for more information.

Duration : 4 days

Objective : Mastering all the necessary and essential basics to elaborate chignons. It is recommended to follow this course before a starting a Basic Chic session.

Content : Alternation of demonstrations and of theoretical contributions followed by practice. Completed by a practical workshop the last day to reinforce the technical acquirement, on models.

Dates :
September 2021, from 13 to 16
October 2021, from 18 to 21
December 2021, from 6 to 9